Song of the Summer King – Caj


I don’t do a lot of fanart – at least I haven’t in the past. But it turns out I very much enjoy creating it. The other night I was sitting at my computer, wondering what I wanted to draw when Caj entered my mind.

Caj is one of the griffin characters from Jess Owen’s Summer King Chronicles. He’s one of my favorite characters from the series and I’ve been meaning to draw him for awhile. So I came up with this! It’s just a fun character concept – how I picture him. I have a goal of drawing the majority of the characters because I love making them jump out of my imagination for everyone to see!

As always – I highly recommend checking out this series! It’s a fun read with well developed characters and story! I got sucked in the moment I started reading them and have been a huge fan ever since! And if you ever get a chance to talk to Jess herself you won’t regret it – she’s a truly kind and caring individual who loves and appreciates her fans!

Commission – Brynja

A commission for one of my favorite peoples – Jess Owen!

This is Brynja from the Summer King Chronicles. We meet Brynja in book 2 of this amazing series, Skyfire. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out her series yet, YOU NEED TO. Because these books are amazing! The third book isn’t available yet but you can preorder! I’ve actually read it because I got it early along with others who supported her most recent kickstarter, and let me just say it’s as amazing as the first two! Here are links if you want to check them out!Brynja

Song Of The Summer King by Jess E. OwenSkyfire by Jess E. OwenA Shard Of Sun by Jess E. Owen







Check out her website here:

I had so much fun with this that it went from being a bust to a full-body piece. I just couldn’t help myself! I’ve been wanting to design pretty much all of the characters from this series and this just gave me the opportunity to get started! I was given some artistic freedom with her design and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

art © shay fife
Brynja © Jess Owen


Beauty of Tears

I was having a difficult time last night and some tears were shed. As I was sitting at my computer inspiration hit and I decided I wanted to capture my emotions. So I took a picture and did a self-portrait speed paint. It was actually very therapeutic. And fun. Speed painting does amazing things.